This are some of our developed projects


  • High-speed static and dynamic weighing systems and equipment
  • Dosing equipment
  • Weighing equipment with gravity compensation system
  • Digital and analog load cells
  • Module for weight acquisition through RS232 / RS485



  • RS232 / RS485 to Ethernet converter (Device Server)
  • Optoisolated USB / RS232 to RS485 converter
  • Control and signaling modules:
  • Monochrome alphanumeric big displays
  • Module to control stepper motors through RS485
  • Proportional control module for inductive or resistive loads (PWM) through RS485
  • Module of digital Inputs and outputs by power relays via RS485



  • Real-time Wireless Control of Machinery (Safety application in machines)
  • GPS-2G personal locator
  • High power Sub-GHz Radio-Modem
  • 3G communications module
  • 3G monitor of drilling machine controlled via CAN bus
  • RF-Profibus mixed machine controller.
  • Acquisition weighing module thought RF (868MHz)
  • Sub-1GHz radio-modem with LoRa modulation
  • Anti-theft alarm for bicycles with LoRa and BlueTooth communication
  • Weighing equipment on board trucks with BlueTooth communication
  • RF-ID identification system (Mifare)
  • RS232 / RS485 to Wifi converter (Device Server)


Power supply:

  • Power supplies, AC / DC and DC / DC converters
  • Drivers and drivers for LED
  • Uninterruptible power supply system with solar panels and battery chargers


Control and signaling modules:

  • Module to control step motors via RS485
  • Module to control proportional inductive or resistive load (PWM) via RS485
  • Module of digital inputs and power relays outputs via RS485
  • Single color alphanumeric giant displays



  • ECG
  • Cardiac Monitor



  • Instrumentation for the textile sector
  • Instrumentation for the chemical sector (Laboratory and Process)
  • Cable testing equipment (up to 111 x 111 wires)
  • Equipment for cloth width gauge and centring
  • Applications for Windows and Android, for the control and / or supervision of different electronic devices, using DDBB mySQL, programming in C ++ and java, Cable and Wireless Communications