We are experts in

Very focused on Design and manufacturing applying new technologies from the world of Internet-of-Things, both at hardware level and Firmware and Software connected to Cloud for data management and analysis.

the first Data-Control PC projects were analog circuits, and most of our projects are still connected to the analog world. Conditioning the signal before conversion often require attention to analog design techniques.

We have maintained a capacity in digital technologies as they have evolved TTL, CMOS, CPLD, etc.

A/D and D/A:
We design a wide variety of analog-digital and digital-analog converters. Our design experience includes sample-hold and 24 bits delta-sigma analog to digital converters.

Most current systems use built-in microcontrollers with real-time software, usually written in C and assembler. Our programmers also have extensive experience in the implementation of RTOS (real-time operating systems). First we used the H8, it was the first integrated microcontroller used in Data-Control PC, later we used several models of Renesas, Microchip and ST Microelectronics.

Power supplies:
the experience of Data-Control PC includes the design of power supplies, both linear and switched, as well as chargers of different types of batteries.

Our portable scale designs employ electronic components that consume small amounts of current to preserve battery life.

Communications (Digital and RF):
The wide experience of Data-Control PC includes many standard protocols for Communications (Digital and RF). The RS-232 is still available in most industrial computers and PLCs and is the most common digital communications standard. We use RS-485 for communications of greater distance and greater speed. The bands of expanded spectrum at 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz are used very frequently without a license for data telemetry.

Data-Control PC designs electronic circuits to measure flow, pressure, mass, pH, direct voltage, direct current, vibration, temperature, humidity, stretching, etc.